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Barcelona 2009

“Implementing the ECTA Responsible Care Scheme in the European Chemical Land Transport Industry”

“Responsible Care in Europe”
Bernhard Thier
CEFIC Responsible Care Manager

“Responsible Care in the USA”
Debra Phillips
Responsible Care Managing Director, American Chemistry Council

“Responsible Care in European Distribution/Supply Chain”
Hendrik Abma
Director General, FECC

“What is Responsible Care for ECTA ?”
Rose-Marie Pype
ECTA Logistics Manager

“What is Responsible Care for an ECTA RC company ?”
Andreas Zink
Director, LKW Walter International AG
ECTA Vice President

“Transport Companies and the Spanish RC programme”
Jesus Soriano
RC Manager & Transport Regulation Coordinator, Feique

“Responsible Care and SQAS in European Chemical Transport – the Way Forward”
Jos Verlinden
Logistics Director, Cefic


“Risk assessment for drivers”
In cooperation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Bilbao, Spain
Marc Twisk
SQAS Manager, Cefic

“OSHA’s Work on Risk Assessment. Interactive Risk Assesment Tool”
Lorenzo Munar
European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

“Risk Assessment Loading Trucks Bulk and Packed”
Huub Vergoossen
Manager European Transport Safety & Compliance
Sabic Europe

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