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ECTA Governance structure and Operating Rules


1.1 General Tasks

·         Board application proposal to the OGM

·         Designation of Executive Committee members

·         ECTA strategy & policy

·         Establishment of ECTA conferences - seminars - (virtual) workshops programs

·         Accounts & budget

·         Uses & sources of funds

·         Membership

·         Membership & meeting fees

·         Projects of interest to the Industry

·         Selection of Managing Director

1.2 Board Composition Rules

  • The Board invites representatives of member companies to become a member of the Board.

  • First selection criterion shall be the individual respectability of the representative, recognized by his peers as being a leader in his sector. The second criterion is that the company that he or she represents is a leading company in its sector. Leading company means a company that is recognized in the sector of its activities as highly performing, a trendsetter and important.

  • The composition of the Board will reflect the importance of the number of members per region.

  • Board members shall dedicate time and efforts to the ECTA activities and promote same within his or her company. He or she acts as the ambassador of ECTA within his or her company. A Board member shall at least attend two meetings per year. If not, the Board is entitled to dismiss him or her.

  • If a Board member stops working for his company or if his company does not fulfil any more the criterion of leading company, then this Board member has to resign either voluntarily or by decision of the Board. The Board will forthwith provide for the replacement of the Board member.

1.3 Executive Committee

  • The ECTA Board elects amongst its members a President, a Treasurer and 2 or 3 Vice-Presidents each bringing in their own level of experience. The ECTA board ensures there is a balanced representation across European land transport industry segments dry bulk, liquids and packed goods.

  • The President, the 2 or 3 Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer form the Executive Committee.  

  • Executive Committee meetings are organized “ad hoc” and called together by the ECTA President. The ECTA Managing Director is in attendance. - to be deleted and replaced by – “If needed the Executive Committee will invite other stakeholders to such “ad hoc” Executive Committee meetings”

1.4 Board Mandates
Duration of mandate of Board members is three years and will be set in such a way that mandates expire in different years in order to assure the continuity of the Board. This means that half of the Board members plus one must remain in function when other mandates expire.

1.5 Notices
The ECTA Managing Director or designee from the ECTA team will send notices for Board and Executive Committee meetings by ordinary mail, fax, e-mail, web communication or any other mean of written communication.


  • Supervision of the daily management and assistance to the ECTA Managing Director – to be deleted and replaced by “ECTA Team” in all tasks

  • Representation of ECTA: two Executive Committee members, acting jointly or one Executive Committee member, acting together with the ECTA Managing Director

  • Follow-up of implementation of Board decisions

  • Co-ordination of relations with other Industry associations & authorities

  • Promotion of ECTA activities with stakeholders

  • Each Executive Committee Member is a Spokesperson of ECTA for the relevant product segment or expertise, which he or she represents, all of which in coordination with the Managing Director.

  • Review of the ECTA budget in preparation of the ECTA OGM


The ECTA team consists of an:

  • ECTA Managing Director

  • ECTA Responsible Care Director

  • ECTA administration and communication Manager

Board membership is not mandatory.

Tasks of the ECTA team:

  • Daily association management

  • Personnel management

  • Implementation of Board decisions

  • Progress report on activities to the Executive Committee and the Board

  • Proposal of conferences / seminars programs and organization

  • Legal representation of ECTA vis-à-vis other associations, courts, entities and authorities, acting alone or acting jointly with one Executive Committee member – to be deleted and replaced by “ECTA President”.

  • Proposal of projects to the Board with relevant budgets

  • Convening and organization of seminars, conferences and meetings, inclusive of selection and management of sub-contractors, accounting and finance

  • Budget preparations and cost-invoice management

  • Promotion & management of memberships

  • Promotion and management of ECTA activities

  • Contacts with members, other associations, authorities, universities, speakers etc. in accordance with ECTA focus, strategy and relevant Board decisions 

  • Promotion of ECTA activities with stakeholders in coordination with the Executive Committee

  • Expert workshop coordination

  • Responsible care program development

  • Communication and dissemination of Information as obtained through the workshops, conferences, seminars

  • Best Practice Guideline reviews

  • Public Communication on ECTA’s online Channels as the ECTA website and Social Media Channels


In any financial transactions and payment operations above 10K€, the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) will be validly represented by two members of the ECTA Executive Committee acting jointly or one member of the ECTA Executive Committee and the ECTA Managing Director acting jointly.

November 2009
Up-dated January 2012

ECTA (the European Chemical Transport Association) speaks for the chemical transport industry to all its stakeholders.

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