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One of the purposes of ECTA is to form working groups, in order to study improvement possibilities of topics concerning health, safety, security an environmental performance of land transport operators in Europe. The guidelines produced by ECTA, alone or in cooperation with other European associations are based on the results of the working groups.

ECTA’s involvement in the working groups can be divided into two main categories, which are:

  • -     Membership in Issue Teams, with the objective to address sustainability aspects related to one subject. Most often these Issue Teams are dissolved after the completion of a Best Practice Guideline.
    Examples can be found at
    https://www.ecta.com/Best-Practices-Guidelines .
  • -      Membership in Committees, with the objective to participate in the continuous improvement process for chemical logistics, particularly related to sustainability aspects.

Current Committee memberships:

Current Issue Teams and working groups:

ECTA (the European Chemical Transport Association) speaks for the chemical transport industry to all its stakeholders.

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