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Guidelines for Managing Change in a Chemicals Supply Chain

23 Mar 2017 16:27 | Dolorès GUION (Administrator)

Given MOC (Management of Change) plays a central role in safe logistics operations, “ECTA, CEFIC and EFTCO developed and published in March 2017 new best practice guidelines for managing change along the chemicals supply chain.

These guidelines provide a framework for companies to better manage changes associated with equipment, materials, products, people, organization and procedures. The guidelines, which are based on best practices already in use, describe procedures and tools to manage changes safely, both on- and off-site, including transport, intermediate storage, loading/unloading operations and cleaning, related to all modes of European land transport including intermodal transportation. Implementing these guidelines should assist in reducing the number of incidents in the logistics chain and the associated harm to people and the environment.

ECTA wants to thank all participating companies for their knowledge contributions while sharing their inputs and best practices making the logistics operations more safe & sustainable for our people, environment & customers.

Please click here to download the guidelines

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