SQAS 2022

The current revision of the SQAS Questionnaire has been underway since February 2021. The revision includes the modules Core, Transport Service, Cleaning Stations and Warehousing (Core/TS/CS/WH).

The SQAS T&A Committee now envisages to finish the last draft of all new modules by the end of June 2021. It has been a lengthy and interesting process. In conclusion, main changes on the subjects of emissions of logistic activities, the requirements of Operation Clean Sweep, and digitalization in logistics were made.

In July 2021 the SQAS T&A Committee plans a pilot test on parts of the revised modules. The results will be used to finalize the packages which is expected by the middle of August 2022.

The Plan is to use the new Questionnaires as from 01.01.2022 on.

Obviously the SQAS Manager of Cefic, Mr. Victor Trapani, will ensure that details of the exact publication dates of all new SQAS documents will be communicated. ECTA will also spend time to address a selection of the revision in more detail during our Responsible Care Training Workshop on 7th October 2021.

questionnaire P.A.D Section

During T&A Committee meetings it was decided to take out parts of the proposed Questionnaire and put them in a different format. The SQAS P.A.D.

Since the support base for this matter amongst chemical industries is still considered not wide enough, the T&A Committee decided to include ‘scoring questions’ into the Questionnaires. These are created if companies being assessed could not provide safficient evidence of working systems if their clients had not prioritized matters widely enough to have working systems in place. 

We futher foresee and trust that durin the next revision Cycle most matters new introduced in the SQAS digital 2022 P.A.D. version will be reintroduced in the Questionnaires.