Responsible Care Membership

benefits of an ecta rc membership

There are numerous benefits to being a Responsible Care member and following the ECTA RC program.

  • Demonstrates good standards of corporate governance to customers, potential customers and other stakeholders
  • By following the RC program for continuous improvement it can assist with audits and accreditations
  • Benchmarking opportunities with many of the European chemical logistics companies
  • Access to best practice guidance and information to help with continuous improvement
  • Opportunity to contribute to working groups and help shape future policy
  • Use of the RC logo

requirements of rc members

There are a number of steps to follow to become and then to remain an RC member. These include:

  • Already being an ECTA member
  • Appoint an RC Coordinator for your company
  • Have a valid SQAS report and score positively on all mandatory Responsible Care questions
  • Complete the application form and get the head of the organisation to sign the commitment statement
  • Pay any necessary fees
  • Submit annual KPIs in line with the published deadline
  • Submit an annual RC Improvement Plan linked to the nine Responsible Care principles

These are the minimum requirements but there are also opportunities to be more actively involved and the members who do this get more value from their membership. Contact the RC Director for more information.


Chemical Transport Companies joining the ECTA RC program are required to commit to the ECTA RC principles.


RC is an additional membership to your ECTA Membership

To become a RC Member, some steps need to be followed:

  1. The company applies for ECTA membership (ECTA Board approves)
  2. This firm has a valid SQAS report
  3. Furthermore, the ECTA Member applies for RC membership and the RC Director approves it
  4. The company signs a ‘ECTA RC Commitment Document’
  5. Moreover, the firm appoints an RC Coordinator and signs the ECTA RC Agreement
  6. In addition, ECTA RC Member prepares an RC Annual Improvement Plan, linked to the Responsible Care Principles
  7. The company prepares the annual RC KPI Report
  8. ECTA’s Team prepares the company’s RC Certificate
  9. All RC Members are committed to ensure that any negatively scored questions in its SQAS report are properly followed up. In addition, the company will provide details of these realized improvement actions in the commentary sections of the SQAS report. This aims to facilitate that the company’s customers can take notice of said improvement actions.

RC membership fees

The Responsible Care Membership Fee depends on the amount of Sites that are included in the RC Membership. 
This Fee comes on top of the ECTA Membership Fee.
0-5 Sites: 1000€
Every additional Site: 100€

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