Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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A: ECTA stands for the European Chemical Transport Association and is focused on the Chemical Logistics operations across Europe. ECTA is a non-profit Association. It aims to be an authorative voice at European Transport level and speaks to all members and stakeholders of the Chemical  industry.

A: ECTA speaks about all chemical logistics related industry’s topics. Topics like health, security, quality, safety, environmental and social impacts. Digitalization is considered as an enabler to bring safety, sustainability and responsible care to the next level.

A: A company can become an ECTA member by sending a request to or by completing the website form. ECTA offers two categories of memberships. Full Memberships are for Logistic Service Providers involved in the transport of chemical goods in Europe. Associate Memberships are for companies who contribute to the realization of ECTA’s objectives. 

A: A company who applies for an ECTA Membership need to be involved in the chemical logistics industry in Europe. Once a company applied, the ECTA Board validates and decides about the ECTA Membership.

A: ECTA Member benefits from the broad company knowledge network all over Europe. ECTA members can actively contribute to the ECTA objectives by co-creating best practice guidelines.
ECTA Members can join Workgroups with other companies and industry Experts to discuss topics, publish recommendations and Guidelines. Another benefit are Workshops and Conferences with speakers from all over the industry. ECTA Members show their costumers their interest for a better Chemical industry and society.

A: ECTA believes that RC is the best strategy for its members to communicate their efforts in SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality). A quality label to their customers in the chemical industry, for whom sustainable supply chains become of major importance.

A: To become an ECTA Responsible Care Member, your company need to be an ECTA Full Member. Furthermore, the company needs to have a valid SQAS Report and needs to commit to the RC Chapter. The ECTA’s Responsible Care Director decides about RC Memberships.

A: ECTA Responsible Care member contribute to a safe, healthy and responsible industry. RC Member receive a certificate about their membership and can use the RC Logo (rules). ECTA RC Member need to implement ECTA’s objectives into their management and daily workflow. They have to create an annual Improvement plan linked to the ECTA RC principles. ECTA Responsible Care Members need to report annually to ECTA about their Responsible Care KPIs.

A: ECTA Memberships are concluded annually. Any member can withdraw from membership by giving 3 months prior notice in writing to the ECTA team or Board. The resignation will be effective as from the following year, all membership fees for the current year are to be paid.

A: The Membership Fees for Full and Associate Members depend on the annual total turnover of the applied company. The Fees vary between 1425€ and 3000€. The Responsible Care Membership Fees depend on the Sites of the Company and start with 1000€ for 0-5 Sites.

A: ECTA is a non-profit Association and is financed by the Membership and Event Fees.

A: The Executive Committee and the ECTA Board is limited to a certain number of Persons. If a member is interested in joining, it can be put on the waiting list if an Executive or Board Member gives up its chair.
As an ECTA Member you can join workgroups and Issue Teams.

A: To receive the latest News of ECTA, you can subscribe to the Newsletter, follow on Social Media and visit

A: ECTA and its members create best practice guidelines and recommendations applicable to chemical logistics in the industry. For that, Guidelines and Studies get published which can be downloaded for free.

A: ECTA does not promote any individual Member, commercial or individual interests.   

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