Calculating GHG transport and logistics emissions

for the European Chemical Industry

In 2021 Smart Freight Centre (SFC) in partnership with Cefic published updated guidelines as Module 5 of the Global Logistic Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework. At previous moments and occasions, we have communicated the progress and publication of Module 5.

We now want to draw your attention to the fact that SFC has issued revisions of Module 5, mainly to correct mistakes in the original document. Unfortunately, these changes are not identified as such in the main document. Readers/users of the document have to take on the task to read through both versions to identify the changes before they can decide if the changes impact their systems.

Both Cefic and ECTA have asked SFC to clearly identify new changes in the next revision to facilitate easier studying for users of the document.

We further want to inform our members about an interesting outcome of the December refresher training and the April 2022 initial training for SQAS Assessors. Assessors have been instructed to ask during an SQAS assessment if the assessed company has the latest revision of the Module 5 guideline. And as with all SQAS questions: you must provide the evidence!

This year several ECTA members’ representatives also joined the new Cefic/ECTA working group to revise the 2011 Best Practice Guideline for Chemical Logistics Emission Calculations. The final document is expected to be published before the end of 2022.