ECLIC update – digital collaboration as new norm

The usage of digital eECD’s and ePPL’s steadily grows month after month with 10%. The ECLIC vzw, together with all associations, plans future growth in 2021-2022.  Already thousands of digital documents are now being digitally exchanged amongst more than 50 different locations. This includes transport, cleaning and loading locations. In cooperation with ECTA, EFTCO and Ceficessenscia two publications to further streamline digital collaboration within chemical logistics at industry level were published. 

  • Digital collaboration charter
  • Participation model for data sharing

The aim of these publications is to bring logistics to the next level of sustainability, safety and compliance. Moreover it aims to “on board” more shippers and the document addresses the importance “sovereign”  data sharing.

As of June 2021, a new Cefic workgroup kicks off to discuss the transition plan from paper ECD’s/PPL’s to the standardized digital eECD/ePPLs versions within bulk logistics.  

Download the publications now: