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Participants list

Andreas Zink (LKW WALTER)

Peter Devos (ECTA)

Evert de Jong (ECTA)

Estelle Zink (ECTA)

Rob van Mook (JCL Logistics Benelux B.V.)

Cees de Rijke (JCL Logistics Benelux B.V.)

Claus Sigmund (JCL Logistics Benelux B.V.)

Massimo Vecchi (Intermodaltelematics)

Francisco Hernandez (Intermodaltelematics)

Joep Aerts (Den Hartogh)

Martin Kilroe (Advanced Polymer Coatings)

Robert Brownbridge (Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics BV)

Michael Roth (RINNEN Belgie B.V.B.A.)

Kirsti Gjertsen (Port of Antwerp-Bruges)

Oliver Hempe (Pelican Worldwide)

Stefan Scholten (Pelican Worldwide)

Jörg Wille (Move Intermodal)

Rick van den Dool (GCA Route France)

Peter Sommer (Ineos Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH)

Tobias Schreiber (Curt Richter SE)

Reimund Brenke (Curt Richter SE)

Thomas Intrup (Gruber GmbH und CO KG)

Anton Bolwerk (Van den Bosch Transporten B.V.)

Paul van de Vorle (Van den Bosch Transporten B.V.)

Erwin F. Spaanderman (PAÑALON S.A.)

Antonio Montero (PAÑALON S.A.)

Raisa Santos – (Rinnen GmbH & Co. KG)

Hermann Rinnen – (Rinnen GmbH & Co. KG)


Joost Naessens (CEFIC)

Stefanie Kraus (Loady)

Timo Dietenhoefer (Loady)

Peter Wittocx (Suttons Transport Group)

Frank Tesch (FTB Frank Tesch Beratungsgesellschaft für Transport & Logistik mbH)

Federico Testa (TESTA TIZIANO)


Ingo Wiese (HOYER GmbH Internationale Fachspedition)

Alberto Marenzana (MRZ Group)

Francisco Palanca (Exxonmobil)

Jonas Van Seymortier (Exxonmobil)

Filippo Vargiu (Exxonmobil)

Michel Jansse (Exxonmobil)

Kristof Frederix (Move Intermodal)

Samuel Solomon (Shippeo)

Wesley Haaksma (Shippeo)

Frederic Derumeaux (Vervaeke)

Hanna Hertel (Log4Chem GmbH)

Francis Crouch (Log4Chem GmbH)


Davide Napolitano (D log S.r.l. – Global Supply Chain Solutions)

Samuel Evans (Qargo Tech Ltd)

Sabine Bauer (EXSIF Worldwide GmbH)

Christian Zimmermann (EXSIF Worldwide GmbH)

Gijsbert Dekker (Lucrasoft Solutions B.V.)

Elmar Ockenfels (Port of Antwerp-Bruges)


Klaus Wessing (VTG Tanktainer GmbH)

Peter Viebig (VERVAEKE)

Samuel Alonso (LKW WALTER)

Hans-Jörg Bertschi (BERTSCHI)

Florian Modrich (ZF Group – Transics)

Mark Griffith (ZF Group – Transics)

Michael Schaaf (BAY LOGISTIK GmbH & CO.KG)

Björn Probst (BASF)

Markus Bilk (BERTSCHI)


Marc van Alphen (VOS BULK LOGISTICS B.V.)

Alex Degeest (INEOS Services BE)

Ger Boessen (RB Intermodal B.V.)

Kees de Rijke (De Rijke Group)

Alexandro Sarno (De Rijke Group)

Neal Baetens (Yara Belgium (Yara International ASA))

Henk Hofman (Tankceu EESV)

Bernhard Heylen (Intermodal Telematics BV)

Arne Bergmann (Intermodal Telematics BV)

Jeroen Schots (Intermodal Telematics BV)


Marco Oerlemans (NIJHOF EN WASSINK B.V.)

Alessandro Pais (MRZ Group)


Daniel Hauffe (Samat International AB)

Maurice Seleski (Samat International AB)

Juha Hiltunen (Admor Composites Ltd)

Sascha Cremer (Alfred Talke GmbH)

Federico Martín (TRANSPORTES A. MARTIN, S.L.)


Tim Thiemann (H.Essers)

Hanno Reeser (H.Essers)

Jerome Minfray (EB Trans)

Luca Senis (DOW)

Guus van Appeldoorn (Geodis Road Transport Netherlands)


Konstantin Kubenz (KUBE&KUBENZ)

Alphonse Laffont (Groupe SAMAT)

Gregor M. Stenglein (ZF Group)

Gianluca Dallarda (MRZ Group)

Rob Lips (LyondellBasell Industries)

Angelo Vecchio (LyondellBasell)

Tobias Ewers (Lanfer Logistik)

Michael Kirschner (Lanfer Logistik)

Frank Hammega (Lucrasoft – DEPOT Software)

Bertrand Tardy (E-B-Trans)

Jan Arnet (Bertschi AG)

Pascal Vermeulen (Rmi chemicals)

Mehmet Oenen (Kaessbohrer Sales GmbH)

Gerhard Ahlbrecht (FECC)

Emilio Gomariz (GLOBAL SPEDITION, S.L.U)

Iffet Türken (Kaessbohrer Sales GmbH)

Naomi Smits (Van Opdorp Transportgroep)

Roeland Smets (Haesaerts Intermodal)



  • Bruno De Clerck (Chevron Phillips)
  • Luc Haesaerts (Haesaerts Intermodal)
  • Ralf-Charley Schultze (UIRR)
  • Thies Grage (Hoyer)
  • Johan Mörck (Volvo)
  • Daniel Keller (Hyundai)
  • Jef Van Mosselaer (CMB.TECH)
  • Hasso Gruenjes (Siemens)
  • Raluca Marian (IRU)
  • Evert de Jong (ECTA)
  • Peter Devos (ECTA)

speaker information

Bruno de Clerck (Chevron Phillips):

Started his career as a warehouse operator at DHL Aviation 20 years ago.  Afterwards he decided to take on an education in logistics management. This opened the door to an entirely different career path where he is now the key account manager for all European transport related activities within Chevron Phillips Chemical. As a member of the supply chain compliance team, Bruno is constantly looking for improvements to ensure the best possible supply chain network.

Ralf-Charley Schultze (UIRR):

He was responsible during five years within the freight department of the Swiss railways (SBB Cargo) for the combined traffic, the automotive business and the partner management. 10 years in different logistics and forwarding companies in Europe gave him a solid logistics background and enabled him understanding, organizing and implementing logistic processes, meeting the real needs of the market. From 2009 to 2013 he was director for multimodal logistics within the GEFCO group, responsible for the development of multimodal business all over Europe, with a strong focus on Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Since 1 January 2014, Mr. Ralf-Charley Schultze is President of the UIRR, the international union for road-rail combined transport in Brussels.

Thies Grage (HOYER):

Driven by digitalisation, technology and innovation with industry experience and a master’s degree in Maritime Economics & Logistics, Thies started his professional career at Hamburg-based ports and logistics company Buss Group. Having joined HOYER Group almost 5 years ago in Business Development, he is now responsible for Digitalisation, Innovation and Business Systems at HOYER’s business unit Chemilog which provides European transport services via road and intermodal.

Johan Mörck (VOLVO):

Johan Mörck holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University Gothenburg, Sweden. He has been in leading positions in companies such as Ericsson, the Volvo Group and Q-linea and has over the years been on transformation journeys in the defense, telecom, automotive and life-science industries.
Mörck started at Volvo Trucks in 2001 and has been working in Product Development, Product Planning and currently holds a position as Electric Driveline Strategy Director at the Volvo Trucks HQ. He is now involved in laying out Volvo Truck’s product strategies in order to meet the climate challenge and the Science Based Targets initiative.

Daniel Keller (HYUNDAI):

Since 2019, COO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and responsible for the role of the largest heavy-duty hydrogen trucks fleet in Europe, including the setup of service networks in Switzerland, Germany, and more countries.
Years of Management experience in Switzerland, Poland, and the US in different industries as a CEO, GM, and Operations Manager with a deep understanding of logistic processes, circular economy, and sustainability.

Jef Van Mosselaer (CMB.TECH):

I have been working in different roles in engineering and development over the last 25 years.
In the beginning of 2018, I started as Engineering Manager at Van Hool, a Belgian bus manufacturer, developing a modular architecture for a city bus range in different lengths, with different zero-emission drivelines.
At the end of 2021, I started in my current position as H2 Program Manager at CMB.TECH, where my first project is to commercialize the dual fuel heavy duty truck.

Hasso Gruenjes (SIEMENS):

He has an international background in electric transport systems. He started his career within Siemens working as a project manager at a high speed railway infrastructure. In the following three years he was responsible for sales for the Siemens rail electrification business in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic states. Since 2011 he is working within Siemens in the field of innovative mobility solutions. In 2016 he became responsible for dynamic charging of heavy duty vehicles at Siemens.

Raluca Marian (IRU):

Raluca is the Director, EU Advocacy & General Delegate – International Road Transport Union (IRU), where she is in charge of advocacy for the entire commercial transport by road, including mobility of people and goods. 
Prior to joining IRU, for over 10 years Raluca was a competition and regulatory lawyer, where she advised on a broad range of competition areas. On the regulatory side, her focus has been transport regulation and market access.

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covid information and rules

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location and hotel information

HYATT Regency Hotel Dusseldorf
Speditionstraße 19
40221 Dusseldorf
HYATT Website

We blocked a certain number of rooms at the HYATT with an ECTA Event Discount. The discount booking is open until x or as soon as the room contingent is booked. We recommend to be fast!

The HYATT hotel has a parking garage but with very limited spaces. Parking spaces cannot be booked and are not managed by ECTA. We recommend to look for parking alternatives close by.