ECTA Drivers app - how to use for ecta partners

Welcome to the ECTA Drivers APP Introduction! We are happy that you are part of the ECTA initiative to make the drivers` job more attractive again. Our number one goal is to give drivers a voice and an opportunity to rate the (un)loading sites they work with every day!

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What does my company and our drivers get by using the ECTA Drivers APP?

By joining the ECTA Drivers APP initiative, your company gives its (subcontracted) drivers a choice to speak up about their daily struggles or great experiences with specific (un)loading sites. By giving them this opportunity, your company does a step forward in making the drivers´ job more attractive again.

The feedback received by the registered drivers through the ECTA Drivers APP will be gathered and those experiences will be of major importance to improve the daily workflows at (un)loading sites.

Registration process

  • To register to the ECTA Drivers APP as an ECTA Partner, you need to be a Full ECTA Member and your company needs to be added by ECTA. In case you did not yet receive an invitation, please reach out to us ( 

Registration Steps:

  • You receive your invitation link for the ECTA Drivers APP by ECTA
  • You register by filling in the following information about you: 
    1. Name
    2. Your Company
    3. E-Mail
    4. A Password of your choice
  • After submitting your registration you can download the invitation link for your (subcontracted) drivers in your account.

It might happen that your company´s firewall or cyber security settings block you access to the ECTA Drivers APP. To avoid this, please make sure to let your IT department add the following links/email addresses to your whitelist: 

Also please note, that all registration and double authentication links are only valid for a certain amount of minutes/hours. When you start to register and/or login, please make sure to click on the links in your mail inbox in time, otherwise the system blocks your try due to security reasons. 

ECTA Drivers APP - without being logged-in

The ECTA Drivers APP can be opened via this link: 

You can always open the APP even without being logged-in. Here you can see all locations that are part of the ECTA Drivers APP that can be rated. Moreover, you can see the average ratings per location (after 30 submitted ratings per location) and the number of ratings submitted in total. 

ECTA will not send out any report to ECTA Partners for their submitted (un)loading locations. Please always check the average ratings yourself via the top link. 

ECTA Drivers APP - Login to your account

To login to your account, please use this link: 

In your ECTA Partner account you can do two actions.

  1. Invite drivers by downloading the invitation link. This link can be sent to the (subcontracted) drivers via a communication way of your choice (e.g. Mail or WhatsApp etc.).
  2. Manage “your drivers”.
    2.1 If a driver registers to the ECTA Drivers APP by your invitation you will get a notification to approve or decline that registration. After your confirmation, the driver can start submitting ratings.
    2.2 You can view all your registered drivers in your account. You see their last login timestamp and the number of ratings they submitted and for what locations. The individual ratings cannot be viewed to guarantee the anonymity of the ratings.
    2.3 If one of your registered drivers is inactive for six or more months, you will get a notification. Then you can maintain if this person is no longer driving for your company and delete him/her or contact this person to motivate him/her to submit ratings.

If you delete a driver from your drivers´ list, the submitted ratings will anonymously stay in the ECTA Drivers APP.
If your company wants to stop their participation to the APP, ECTA will delete your account and drivers. The submitted ratings will anonymously stay in the ECTA Drivers APP.

If you want to have an additional access for your company to the ECTA Drivers APP, please reach out to ECTA ( with the persons´ contact details.

How to motivate my (subcontracted) drivers to use the APP?

Without the active participation of drivers and your management level, the ECTA Drivers APP will not produce any ratings and will not be able to improve the safety, infrastructure and efficiency performance at (un)loading sites. Therefore, we ask you to actively promote the usage amongst your (subcontracted) drivers, colleagues, customers etc.
This needs to be a joint effort!

We recommend the following actions for the promotion to drivers:

  • Include the ECTA Drivers APP and the usage in your driver trainings.
  • Inform the drivers about the anonymity of the submitted ratings and that not even your company has access to the individual ratings.
  • Introduce a bonus system for active drivers in your company.
  • Ask the drivers for locations they miss in the APP.
  • Place the ECTA Drivers APP Promotion Poster at your information screens, social media, website etc. 
  • ECTA will contact (un)loading locations with negative ratings. This process has started. 
  • Your personal ideas and effort to motivate the drivers to submit ratings.

What data need to be provided by our invited drivers and how does ECTA interact with those?

During the registration process within the APP, the drivers need to enter the following details:

1. Name
2. E-Mail Address (this does not necessarily need to be a company mailing address, can also be your private one – nobody will contact them, this is only for logging in)
3. A Password of their choice
4. Additional companies they are driving for (in case they do and these companies are also listed in the ECTA Drivers APP)
5. Their preferred language to use the APP (The APP will also checks their browser language to help. Default is always English.)

How ECTA treats the data you can read in our terms of service (LINK)

How can the invited drivers use the APP?

We also created a tutorial for the APP for drivers. Please view here: ECTA Driver APP Tutorial for drivers

PS: For helping drivers to on-board to the ECTA Drivers APP, we added the location “ECTA OFFICE” in Brussels. This location is for submitting test-ratings only. Please motivate your drivers to try out rating at that particular location before submitting (un)loading locations.

How to submit new (un)loading locations

All locations need to be reviewed and added by ECTA. Please reach out to us and provide us the locations´ data in this template (download).
Please note that the APP can only grow with your help. We ask you to regularly send in your new (un)loading locations and/or the most commonly used ones by your drivers.

What happens with the submitted ratings?

ECTA only publishes anonymous and averaged ratings within the APP after a location reaches 30 ratings.
Moreover, the best (un)loading locations per quarter will be published on the ECTA Website. Starting later in 2024.
Moreover, there will be news and information on our APP News Website: – this landingpage is for ECTA APP Admins and Drivers only. Please do not forward this link.

By publishing this information, we want to motivate the (un)loading sites to improve their safety and efficiency performance while they show respect for the daily work of the truck drivers.

Other questions about the ECTA Drivers APP

Please contact