ECTA driver shortage workgroup - Update

Driver shortage remains a high priority topic within ECTA and within the ECTA workgroup.

At the last ECTA annual meeting in November, Raluca Marian, IRU EU Advocacy Director, gave a keynote  presentation on the latest status of the Mobility Package and zoomed in on the overall EU problem of driver shortage.
She explained the results of a recent IRU driver shortage survey whereby the shortage of drivers will increase from 425.000 in 2021 to 1 million by 2026.

Needles to say that these numbers do confirm that driver shortage is an overall, chronic, structural problem whereby it’s time for action and engagement form all stakeholders to increase the truck driver job attractiveness and productivity.

That in mind and referring to the ECTA follow up position paper of last October, the ECTA driver shortage workgroup is proud to announce that the funds are released to start building the ECTA APP.
Purpose of the ECTA APP is to give the drivers a voice whereby they can rate chemical loading and unloading sites over 5 topics being safety, waiting time, truck driver treatment, driver facilities and total residence time. The specifications of the ECTA APP are finalized and the IT developments are planned to start in Q1 2023.
More on the ECTA APP in our next ECTA newsletters. Contact us for further questions.