eEcd 2.0 and trusted digital collaboration in practice


In Q1 2022, the ECLIC digital collaboration community in Chemical logistics continues to grow. Currently there are more than 70 locations with more than 750 users active. The targeted goal to exchange 100.000 of e-documents along a chain of different logistics actors was reached. 

In April The ECLIC board approved an ECLIC business plan 2025 and expressed its further support of the development of the digital eECD 2.0 industry solution.

Next Steps for eecd 2.0

The eECD 2.0 project strategy is to install an interoperable eECD industry process that allows all stakeholders to work digitally together and automate their internal processes even without an eECD paper version.

In other words, the paper version becomes supportive to the new digital eECD process while today a paper ECD is still the norm. The requirements of the new eECD 2.0 has been put together and the IT developments are planned to start in Q3 ‘22.

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