On 21st of June 2023 ECTA organized the webinar to inform ECTA members how to prepare for the EU Green Deal and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). During this ECTA webinar Sonja Becker of Talke provided an excellent overview of how CSRD is embedded in the myriad of EU sustainability regulations and directives.

Recently we held our ECTA Responsible Care workshop, during which Dow, Cefic and Smart Freight Centre representatives as well as the ECTA team presented various insights into why and how important aspects of the CSRD directive must be implemented.

Recapitulating we can provide the following basic steps for each company:

  • Evaluate your activities and decide if your documented system is established, documented and working on Environmental, Social and Governance topics.
  • Is your management as well as your documented system ready to report on the areas of Strategy, Implementation and Performance Monitoring related to the above-mentioned topics.

Isolating the environmental topic, it will be clear that for logistic service providers the emission issue is the most important one. During the workshop new insights were provided into what latest tools and references are available for emission calculation. More exact emission calculations must be available in each company’s management system – less use of generic data is going to be allowed.
ECTA provided workshop participants and ECTA Members with a detailed summary on the ISO 14083 standard which was published earlier this year. And Smart Freight Centre (SFC) announced that the very day of the workshop, 21 September 2023, the revision 3 of the GLEC Framework was published. It is good to remember that although logistic emissions are the most important topic for our ECTA members, it is not the only environmental one while also social and governance topics must be addressed.