Decarbonization of Chemical Logistics

sqas 2022

In 2022 we have seen ever-increasing attention for sustainability, and in particular the management of logistic emissions. Smart Freight Centre and Cefic, supported by ECTA, created the 1st edition of GLEC Module 5 in 2021. In the SQAS 2022 modules extensive blocks of questions now address emission calculations and emission management matters. SQAS assessment results for the period January to September 2022 show that for 302 assessments:

  • 31% of the assessed companies score between 60 and 100% positive on the questions of SQAS TS
         section 9 questions.
  • 41% of the companies score between 20 and 60% on Sections 9, while
  • 28% score lower than 20% in Section 9. 

The 2021 ECTA RC KPI reports show that more than half of the companies in the RC program are ready for this assessment – evidence that the ECTA Responsible Care program contributes to a better than average company performance on this sustainability aspect.

Revision of the Emission Calculation Guideline

Furthermore, in the second half of 2022, a joint working group – including Cefic and ECTA members – has started the revision of the 2011 Emission Calculation Guideline. This latter document is expected to be completed by mid-2023, the co-writers will ensure that it will be in line with the EU regulations and the ISO standard which are also expected to be published in 2023.

ECTA Zero Emssion knowledge platform

In July 2022 the ECTA Zero Emission Knowledge Platform was created, supported by a group of ECTA members’ representatives and other industry experts. The objective for the platform is two-fold:

  • to create a library of documents related to aspects of logistic emissions, and
  •  to provide an interactive platform for ECTA members and other interested parties to share knowledge, experience, and points of view.

revision of the ECTa rc kpi form

During the 2022 ECTA Responsible Care Workshop and the ECTA Annual Meeting ECTA’s RC Director Evert de Jong presented the revision RC KPI Report for Transport, to be used for the 2022 KPI reporting. The new form now again includes 2 additional incident categories (for ‘In Transit’).  The Emission Calculation chapter 8 has changed from Optional to Mandatory. We expect this to lead to even better SQAS Section 9 assessment results for ECTA Members in 2023. The other two RC KPI Reports (Warehousing and Tank Cleaning) have remained unchanged.