Gain new insights with 2 new ECTA digital best practice guidelines

The ECTA digitalization workgroup is happy to share its latest two ECTA digital best practice guidelines. A first guideline is describing Transport invoicing data standards within bulk chemicals. The second ECTA digital guideline is describing the truck and driver data standards.

Today, logistics processes are becoming more and more digitally connected and the number of different data interfaces is increasing day by day. This trend requires a growing need for standardization of data across all the involved stakeholders.
Unfortunately, quite some required logistics data fields are not commonly defined and even worse, some data fields are still in an unstructured, free text form which leads to inefficiencies, human interfaces and double input work. Hence, the opportunity lays in in defining a more uniform data exchange framework, an objective that both guidelines have been aiming for, each in their field of functional scope and expertise. 
The objective of these 2 newest guidelines is to complement the 5 former ECTA guidelines. This complete set of ECTA digital guidelines combined, give all involved stakeholders additional guidance on how to facilitate electronic data exchanges.

We sincerely thank the ECTA digitalization workgroup for their continued efforts and contributions to share their insights and knowledge to further digitalize the chemical logistics chain. The names of the work group participants is referenced in each of the guidelines.