Ensure a broader implementation of the ECTA digital data standards

Since 2019, the ECTA digitalization workgroup has been publishing 7 digital best practice guidelines with data standards to simplify and improve the implementation of digital projects between the different supply chain actors. The last 2 ECTA guidelines addressed TRANSPORT INVOICING DATA STANDARDS and TRUCK & DRIVER DATA STANDARDS within bulk chemicals.

This year, the ECTA digitalization workgroup is shifting its focus towards a broader implementation of the data standards. Therefore, the ECTA digitalization workgroup will support ITCO to extend the existing ECTA supply chain visibility guideline to include global deep sea isotank movements and ETA milestone dates. In addition, the workgroup will start a new initiative to analyze the use and implementation of the existing ECTA digital best practice standards. Hereby, it will take the learnings and best practices from IT integration projects to ensure a broader implementation of the ECTA data standards.

The ECTA digitalization workgroup 2023 is welcoming some new participants:

ECTA Workgroup & Project Management Office

  • ECTA Project coordination: Peter Devos (ECTA)