Payment Methods

payment methods


We offer you the following payment types. Simply browse the list for the best payment type for you. There are no shipping costs at any order, because you register for an event with your purchase. The prices given in the respective offers are final and include all price components (including any applicable tax such as value-added tax (VAT)). 

Please note that invoices will be sent out manually after your booking and/or payment of the ECTA Team. This may take some days – please feel free to contact us for any questions. 

Pay via Invoice

Make your payment after purchasing. We will send you an invoice with all bank and invoice details to your entered email address.

PAY via creditcard

To offer online payments we work with Stripe. Please note that your credit card will directly be charged at the moment of transaction.
The invoice for your payment will be sent out as soon as possible. 
Your entered card details are not stored in your ECTA Account or on the ECTA Website. The data about the transactions including details are stored at Stripe to manage your transactions and refunds. 

During the whole payment process the highest security standards are applied, hosted by Stripe. 

Sometimes your bank presupposes a payment confirmation with entering your TAN Code. Please take care to disable pop-up blocker to manage the payment sucessfully. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.