Possible truck capacity shortage due to situation in Ukraine

ECTA warns for truck capacity shortage and asks to reduce truck waiting times to a minimum!

The Russian invasion into Ukraine puts extra stress on the Chemical supply chains. ECTA already made a clear “call for solidarity and humanity” amongst all chemical logistics stakeholders and towards truck drivers.
ECTA also wants to highlight and warn for a further squeeze in truck driver availability the coming weeks and months. Many logistics movements are performed by drivers from Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics driving European registered trucks.

These East-European truck drivers wish now to return to their home base to be with their family and to face the increased war threats leading to “driver shortage” and reduced “truck capacity”.
Therefore, ECTA wants to reach out to all its stakeholders to limit waiting times at loading/unloading sites, rail & port terminals. Let’s let the drivers focus on their core activity which is “driving the truck”.