RC Members 2022

During the 2021 ECTA Responsible Care Workshop and the 2021 ECTA Annual Meeting we announced an important change in the identification of ECTA’s RC members on our website. Starting in 2022, basically the RC members would be confirmed as such in our membership list for 2022 only after they had fulfilled the obligation to complete and send in their Annual RC KPI Report for the previous year.

We are happy to confirm that with this new approach it has been much easier to get the KPI Reports for 2021 sent in. At the time of writing this article only 3 reports have not been received yet. The new approach also includes the introduction of a 2022 ECTA RC Certificate, which has a validity of 1 year. By this time most of our RC members have received the new certificate, with the summary of the covered company sites as appendix.

We kindly remind all members that the compilation of emission data in the annual RC KPI reports is going to change its status from optional to mandatory for the 2022 data. Please ensure that you have your systems in place within the next 6 months to be able to include the emission data in your 2022 reports.