Safety is a number one priority within chemical Logistics. Due to possible extreme weather conditions in winter, several carriers reached out to ECTA. They asked for a better balance between safe Loading / Unloading in Winter and correct driver treatment especially at tank terminals.

ECTA recommendations for safe loading / UNLOADING IN WINTER

  • Show Driver Respect
    The extreme winter conditions on the road require safe driving. Therefore unloading and loading time windows cannot always be met as planned. Do not refuse or punish drivers for late arrivals and do not threaten drivers with penalties.
  • Ask the Driver for de-icing or de-snowing feedback before judgement 
    Please check upfront if de-icing/de-snowing is compatible with products and equipment before enforcing it at loading/unloading locations for safety reasons. In addition, be aware that complete de-icing/de-snowing is not recommended in certain cases and listen to the feedback of the driver.
  • Open the Safety Dialogue
    We plead for open conversations with truck drivers about any safety questions. However, do not exclude drivers for months/year at the terminal site due to not following “safety” rules without any first notice or conversation.

how to contribute

Extreme weather conditions create an extra stress level at loading and unloading. Hereby, ECTA wants to encourage open conversations to deal with any safety or behavioural deviations.

Thanks all for the cooperation and feel free to send your experiences to us: