Solidarity, humanity and driver well-being for Ukrainian truck drivers

“ECTA Call for solidarity, humanity and driver well-being” for Ukrainian truck drivers in Europe!

A portion of our chemical goods movements across Europe are performed by Ukrainian truck drivers (older than 60 years) who now have a hard time with their families in the war zone.

In addition, some Ukrainian drivers are getting stranded in Europe as they have no longer access to their own bank accounts and can’t even buy daily food, fuel or take a shower.

ECTA wants to reach out to every single Service Provider and all chemical logistics stakeholders to meet the “call for solidarity, humanity and driver well-being”. The solidarity can be as simple as a refill of their lunch box, provide a safe parking place or let the drivers take a shower. We leave it to every company to decide on the right local measures.

Sharing of any solidarity best practices examples in these unusual and difficult times will be appreciated.