SQAS 2022

With the new year 2022 it is a good moment to communicate about the status of SQAS 2022. The new SQAS 2022 questionnaire modules (Core, TS, TC, WH) have been online since mid-2021. This to enable logistic companies time to prepare if they would have assessments planned during the first half of 2022.

A recap of the revision process

  • In total more than 30 web meetings
  • Important and extensive update on OCS requirements
  • Complete updates on logistic emission management and calculation

In December two refresher training days for auditors aimed to provide specific background details regarding Logistic Emissions, Operation Clean Sweep and Digitalization subjects. 28 representatives of ECTA Responsible Care members joined the program as observers to get further acquainted with the audit requirements of the SQAS 2022 package. 

plans for 2022

Mid 2022 a separate Container Depots module will be published. At the same time – after having a few months of working experience – some finetuning of the other 2022 modules is planned.