Upcoming Changes in the ECTA RC KPI Forms

This is an advance notice on the upcoming changes in the annual ECTA RC KPI reporting (for 2023) regarding the use of intermodal transport (section 5 in the Road KPI report) and the alternative engines/fuels (section 7).

With the matter of chemical logistic emission shifting more to the forefront of attention, we have decided to create more transparency by changing from generic terms to more specific ones.

The anticipated revision of the Annual ECTA RC KPI Form will include the following changes: Section 5 and Section 7.

ECTA RC KPI FORM Changes section 5

Old version
New version

ECTA RC KPI FORM Changes section 7

Old version
New version

next steps

Any questions or feedback about these intended changes are welcomed. The final decision on the changes in the RC KPI report forms will be taken during the next ECTA T&RC Committee meeting.

Other changes to the forms which we are currently preparing are related to linking up explanations and guidelines to the different boxes of the forms.