ECTA Knowledge Platform - Article

Currently ECTA is building up a Knowledge Platform’ . A Platform that provides articles, documents, references, relevant data, legislative frameworks, case studies and much more. The Platform idea is formed under the umbrella of ECTA’s Responsible Care program.

This Platform is handled by a Platform Team that is formed by ECTA Team, ECTA Member volunteers and Non-ECTA Member volunteers.

Knowledge Platform structure

The Platform can be reached via an external ECTA URL soon. This website can be visualized like an online library that is interactive. Interested People will be able to create a profil, chat, comment and contribute to discussions in a forum. Moreover, logged in users will be able to provide content to the Platform Team. 
The current* directories of the platform will be: 
  1. Sustainability
  2. Legislation
  3. Truck
  4. Calculations
  5. ECTA RC Input
  6. Technical 
  7. IT System
  8. Biofuel Expertise
  9. Science

Other subdirectories may be added by time.

*not completely finalized yet


The Platform will be accessible for anyone and free of charge.

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